Your Path to Heavenly Father Board Game

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This Week for Family Night we decided to play a board game.  This came straight out of The Friend Magazine which made it all the more easy!

Board Game

I am always on the search for things to do with my kids and make Family Home Evening easier.  My kids already love to play board games (I made this snake game and we have played it nearly every week). Playing this game was just a simple explanation of the rules and then we were ready to go!

How To Play Your Path to Heavenly Father Board Game

You need:

1 die

Pieces for moving around

Board game


The board game and cards are provided in The Friend July issue of this year.  That makes that part easy. The rules to the game are simple to follow.

First, you place your pieces on a boot print.  You roll the die then move. You can move straight any which way, vertical, horizontal or diagonal. (Because I have little kids I let them zigzag around the board). If you land on one of the pictures you mark that off on your card.  The first person to mark everything on their card and return to a boot print wins.  With small kids, I just simplified and said the first person to mark everything on the card wins.

My Thoughts

This was a fun game to play.  It is great for starting to teach your children about Heavenly Father’s Plan.  With this board game your kids learn they can do good things like: Share their toys, read a book, and make a friend.  All good things along the path.  You have Baptism and other necessary ordinances that brings up the topic so you can teach your children.  You could pick a couple topics a week and then play the board game after.

This was a fun board game that I am glad I got to play with my kids!

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