Mother’s Day Sale

I love the styles at! Better yet, I love the price! For Mother's Day you can get a pair of classes 50% off! Code ends 5/14/2017.

I love the styles at!  Better yet, I love the price!
50% off all Women’s Frames for Mother's Day Sale At Use Code MOM50 EXP 5/14/2017

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What To Expect From

  • Amazing Deals
  • All kinds of styles from Cat-Eye to Full Frames
  • Glasses for Men, Women, and Children

*Bonus- You can purchase prescription sunglasses!  (A prescription is not needed to purchase though.)

My Experience With

I was utterly poor at the time, a single mom, and really needed a way to get my glasses at a decent price.  I came across and couldn’t believe all the coupon offers and special deals there were!  Believe it or not, I actually got my first pair free!  All I had to do was pay for shipping.

When ordering, I knew I needed a pair I would feel comfortable wearing every day.  I also wanted something that could match each outfit.  I decided to try something different than my typical red frames and I went with clear frames instead.  It was the best decision I have made, as far as glasses go.  I get so many compliments and there are so many people that ask me where I get my glasses!


I keep going back to their website because there’s always a deal going on.  Whether you need prescription frames or not you can get them at a really good price.   With these great deals you won’t feel like you are wasting your money.

Mother’s Day Sale

Right now is having a Mother’s Day Sale!  When you order you get 50% off women’s frames.  All you have to do is type in the code MOM50 at checkout.  You could buy the glasses I am wearing for $14.97!  (They’re the Steven-Clear plastic frame.)


50% off all Women’s Frames for Mother's Day Sale At Use Code MOM50 EXP 5/14/2017

Click on the picture to go to

Do You Have More Than One Pair?

Purchasing more than one pair of glasses is always a good idea.  Especially if you have kids!  There are so many reasons to have more than one pair, some being:

  • In case you misplace them.
  • If your toddler snatches them from your face then thinks it is funny to break them in half (yes, this really happens)
  • In case of an emergency (car accident, lose them on vacation, etc.)

Now is the perfect time to order more than one pair.  Especially for you moms! Raising kids is tough but knowing you have more than one set of glasses can be really comforting.  They are definitely cheaper than contacts and last longer.  I know I love mine and you’ll love yours too!

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50% off all Women’s Frames for Mother's Day Sale At Use Code MOM50 EXP 5/14/2017

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How I Survived On $11,000 Income Last Year


Do you ever wonder if you have enough to get by? The struggle is real and in this post I will share with you how I survived on $11,000 income last year.


Okay so technically I only made $10,839 dollars but I rounded up for the sake of the title.  That includes the tips and any other income I made last year. That really is the grand total. 

We have all come upon hard times here and there.  I know my share that is for certain.  Once the divorce went through I was left without a home, barely had a job and had two beautiful little mouths to feed.  My ex was only paying $82 a month in child support and only $100 in alimony which left me to figure out how I was going to survive.

Needless to say my ex didn’t care about what happened to me.  He hardly cared about what happened to his own children either.  His exact words were, “When they are with me they will be taken care of; when they are with you, you figure it out”. To receive such a coldness from him shouldn’t have been shocking but it was.  I started work in May of 2015 right before the divorce became final. I had no home to go to and I live states away from my family so my wonderful friends took me in until I could find a rental. Thank goodness for good friends!

Yes, it was hard.  It still is.

Here’s how I survived on my $10,839 income last year:

  1. I knocked out debt

    Yes this is probably the biggest reason why I survived the first few months of the divorce.  I didn’t have a car payment because I had bought my car outright earlier in the year.  Sure it’s used and from 2005 but I own it.  I knocked out any remaining debt quickly while I could and then saved saved saved. Knocking out my debt within just a few months put me at a pretty good place once I got my house rental.  This act alone let me relax a little bit.

  2. I stuck to a budget

    With bills to pay, groceries to buy, and clothes to put on my children $182 a month from my ex definitely didn’t pay for what the kids would eat, let alone diapers.  I put this money to good use, buying groceries and clothes for the kids and when I ran out I used saved tip money to buy the rest.  My budget was extremely tight but I made it work.

  3. I shopped smart

    Yes, I shopped at thrift stores.  It wasn’t realistic for me to spend over $1 on a shirt for my kids and it wasn’t realistic for me to spend more than about $5 on shoes.  With how quickly my kids grow it was really important that I made the most of my money.  Goodwill’s half off day was marked on my calendar and I would only shop on those days.  You know what?  I even got some pretty cute stuff!  Go to the right Goodwill and you can have basically new things for a fraction of the cost.  You may even find clothes with tags still on them!  Shop smart.

  4. I saved

    If I made a little more one month or got some extra tip money that money was put into saving for those months when I wouldn’t have it.  I got into this habit early on so I was able to pull from it when I needed it.  Doing this saved me at times when I didn’t make as much.

  5. I went to the local library

    Instead of buying TV shows or books we went to the library…a lot!  The library became a familiar place where we could play with some puzzles and read books together.  I let my kids pick out a couple DVD’s and books each week.  They could still watch their favorite TV shows and I could still introduce them to new books.

  6. I searched for free things

    Some people give away toys, clothing, and other things on Craigslist or local Facebook pages.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to buy many things, but by the grace of God I found a lot of things for free online!  A few times, close friends would be giving something away and ask if I wanted it.  I was truly grateful for these moments.  I know God has taken care of me.

  7. I prayed like a crazy person

    I prayed, and prayed, and prayed.  In the morning, on my way to work in the car, in the middle of work, on my way home from work driving again, dropping off and picking up my kids from the babysitter’s house.  (I’m sure people passing me in the car thought I was talking to myself.)  I prayed every…single…night and basically anytime I felt like it.  I plead and conversed with my Lord daily, constantly even. For safety, for food, for clothes for my babies.  I prayed that my car would work and that I could afford the upcoming oil change.  I prayed and prayed and prayed until my eyes watered my pillows at night. I became very close to the Lord and felt His love often, even when I had no idea how things would work out I took everything to prayer, even small purchases. I was able to discern what I needed and was even prompted where to get it.  I truly felt the hand of the Lord guiding every step I took.

  8. I practiced Gratitude

    When you don’t have a home it is nice when you do.  I am grateful for the house I live in, the running water, and the couches I sit on.  I am grateful for the food we have to eat and the clothes on our backs. I am grateful for my kids toys, even when I trip over them.  I am grateful for the dishes, the dish soap, my washer and dryer.  I am grateful I have cleaning supplies and that I can clean my house.  I am grateful I have a bathtub and that I can give my kids a bath everyday.  Everything I have I am truly grateful for.  I would like to say I don’t take much for granted anymore.  With all the Lord has blessed me with, I just can’t.

  9. I paid my tithing

    Pay 10% of your income.  Paying a full tithing was something I was already in the habit of doing because I had a pretty awesome dad growing up, and I thought it necessary to keep doing it.  I remember my dad teaching me that I should always pay a full tithe.  He also always paid a full tithe.  He told me stories growing up of how he wouldn’t know how he was going to provide for his family but he would pay his tithing and soon the phone would ring for his business.  I wasn’t sure how everything would work out, but I wanted to be a full tithe payer and I watched the windows of Heaven pour blessings on my family more times than I can count. I am not rich and I didn’t get a raise at work.  It wasn’t exactly in money that I was blessed, but I do have my needs met and I did survive when I really thought I couldn’t.


Even though I only made about $10,839 I know I have been taken care of.  I survived.  If anything this year has taught me how to trust in the Lord and be frugal and wise.  It has taught me that money is not what makes you happy.  I am happier now then I was in 5 years of marriage and it wasn’t because of lack of trials. Trials will keep going and my money struggle may continue.  The thing is, now I know I am strong enough to handle it.

If you are in the same boat, struggling financially, know that there are ways to get by.  My kids feel loved and they feel special despite the things we may not have..  They have their needs met and we also have some of our wants.  We survived and continue to do so each day with a smile on our faces and hope in our hearts.