iPhone 5 Case Review

iPhone 5

I decided to try this product and I am giving my honest opinion. If you are looking for a case for your iPhone 5 you may want to check out his review!

iPhone 5

When I received this case in the mail I have to admit I was a little excited. Once opening it however my excitement shortly came to a halt as I saw what was in the packaging.

My Thoughts About the iPhone 5 Case

This iPhone 5 case is hard plastic.  That is one thing that I knew right away wasn’t going to be a good thing.  It comes with two screen protectors, which I was excited about at first.  One is for the front, one for the back and if any of you have every had an iPhone you understand how important it is to have a good enough protector for the front and back.  Although this iPhone 5 case has a screen protector for the front and back it has adhesive attachment which means you wouldn’t be able to take it off and clean it very easily and it may leave your phone all sticky, especially if you have extreme weather conditions.  Putting the case together wasn’t easy either.  The bottom part clips onto the top with two very small attachments and it is hard to lock in.  It takes several minutes just to put the case together.

Honestly I would be very afraid to drop my phone with this case on it.  I would be afraid the case and the phone would break.  The case would easily snap off because it isn’t held together very well and the screen protectors may help with small scratches but not a drop or fall.  This case only covers the outer edges but still leaves a lot of the glass exposed.

If you are looking for a case this may do in a pinch but I wouldn’t pay $8 for it.  You can get a rubber case at the dollar store that will cover the edges of your phone so that is a better alternative than paying $8 for a case that might snap off anyway.

The quality of this product really disappointed me.

Universal Car Cell Phone Holder

Car Cell Phone Holder

The Universal Air Vent Car Mount Cell Phone holder is a car cell phone holder that clips right onto your air vent.  Its great for keeping your phone cold.

Car Cell Phone Holder

My thoughts about this Universal Air Vent Car Mount Cell Phone Holder:

This car cell phone holder is great for keeping you hands free and keeping your phone cool.  A lot of times our phones heat up as we use our GPS, music, or other programs on our phone that keep it running.  With this you no longer have to worry about that because you AC will be directed towards the phone.

I like how this attaches to the car air vent because in my car that keeps it eye level for me.  The air vent if pretty close to the wheel and so when I put my phone in the holder it makes it about eye level.  This keeps me from having to look down while driving; especially when using my GPS.

If you think about it that makes this great for the summer months too.  It gets hot out and keeping your phone chilled.  Instead of overheating your phone when using your GPS or other apps on your phone you are cooling it down.

I like how this has a pretty wide expansion.  It is universal and fits my Droid 2 phone, so that is something that was a relief.  Sometimes it is hard to find devices that fit my phone because it is so large.  With this car cell phone holder you can trust that your phone will fit.

You want to make sure your phone is charged enough when using this car cell phone holder because it doesn’t have a charger attached.  It is a pretty basic design. I like the basic design though because it is small and easy to fit into your glove box if you want to store it.  I don’t always like to leave it out so storing it easily in my car is a must.