The Mormon Mom Planner Clearance Sale 2017

Mormon Mom Planner is an excellent way to keep your schedule. There's even more than one planner to pick from! Hurry because they are on sale right now!

Mormon Mom Planner is an excellent way to keep your schedule.  You can plan Family Home Evening, your visiting teaching schedule, make your list of to dos and they even have a spot for school schedules!  There’s more than one planner to pick from too!  Hurry because they are on sale right now!
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The Mormon Mom Planner

I love the different planners found on this site.  There are different covers to pick from and different types of planners.  You will love how each is laid out.  With the bright colors and many lists, your life will stay organized and less stressed!

The On-The-Go Planner

This planner is ideal for any mom on the go!  It has a beautifully laid out calendar.  There’s also a place for your goals and, on the opposite page there’s a place for your bucket list!

What I love is the needs and wants list to help me with my budget.   There’s even a monthly budget sheet as well!  This is great for any mom that does it all.

With Summer coming up you will love the Summertime Schedule page.  There’s even a Goals list to hammer out those summer goals and a To Do list to keep them in check.  After that there’s a Back to School page where you can plan all the various activities you and your kids have during the busy school year!  You can add your school’s information too so you have it all in one spot.

When it gets close to the holidays you will love this planner too!  There’s a page for Thanksgiving so you can plan your appetizers, dinner, and treats!  You can have that whole day planned with a To Do list and there’s even a place you can list your blessings and keep your favorite recipe!

There’s also a place for Christmas Lists where you can plan each gift and how much it will cost.  That is great in the summer months so you can get a head start.  Also, if you plan everything in your budget now you won’t be as stressed out during Christmas!

Right after Christmas is New Years of course where you can set goals for the next year.   You even have a scripture tracker in the back so you can mark off each chapter you read!  Isn’t that neat?

Mormon Mom Planner

Everything from the On-The-Go Planner is included in the Mormon Mom Planner.  The difference between the Mormon Mom Planner and the On-The-Go Planner is the Family Home Evening pages and the Visiting Teaching pages.  You also have The Family: A Proclamation To The World in the back as well as The Living Christ.  These are great reminders of how we should be living our lives!   You’ll even get some scripture quotes throughout.

Simple Planner

This planner is the easiest planner here.  Even though it is simple you don’t have to think of a “basic” calendar.  It still includes the holiday pages, budgets and places for recipes.  What it doesn’t include is the scripture chart, scripture quotes or family home evening pages.  It is a great planner for those that don’t need all the extras.

Ordering Your Planner

Right now these three planners are $10 each!  You can’t beat that price!  If you are looking for a gift for Easter or Mother’s Day, now is the time to get it!  You can visit their product page and see for yourself.  Ordering is easy and you will love this planner, especially once you have it in your hands!

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