Easter Egg Checkers Board Craft

Do your kids like playing games? Are you running out of Easter craft ideas? Have them make an Easter Egg Checkers Board and grab some Jelly Beans to play!

Do your kids like playing games?  Are you running out of Easter craft ideas?  Have them make an Easter Egg Checkers Board and grab some Jelly Beans to play!

 Easter Egg Checkers Board

We did this craft for a Family Home Evening activity.  It was so easy my 3 year old could do it, with some help of course.  It only took minutes and now we have a game board to play on!

What you will need:

      • Print out of Easter Egg Checker Board
      • Colorful paper (construction paper works)
      • A Pencil
      • Scissors
      • Tape
      • Jelly Beans or Checkers pieces

You can purchase all these items at any dollar store near you.  Usually Dollar Tree and the 99 cent store have the best options.

How To Make The Easter Egg Checkers Board

Print and cut out the Checkers Board.

Easter Egg Checkers Board Cut Out


Then cut out strips of colorful paper.  Once you have everything cut out all you need to do is weave the colored paper in between the cut flaps of the Easter egg.  Then tape the ends of the colored strips to the egg.  After that cut the ends off to make the Easter egg round again.  You can do this in a matter of minutes which is great anytime you want a quick craft.  It’s easy to clean up too because it was less mess in the first place!

Playing With Your New Checkers Board


There are a couple ways you can do this to make it really fun.  You could grab some checkers pieces and play traditional checkers, only on a smaller scale (5 pieces per player instead of 12).  Another way is to grab some Easter jelly beans and make them the checkers pieces!  You could also substitute different colored M&Ms, or really any candy you can think of that has different colors.  (You will need at least four colors, you’ll find out why later.)

Each player will pick two colors of Jelly Beans and place one color per team on the board.  Save the other color you have for when you become a crowned King.  I did this because you can’t really stack Jelly Beans all the well.  With the board being so small the game doesn’t last long at all, but it is so fun for the little ones!  It is also a great way to introduce a game of strategy at an early age.

We Really Enjoy This Game

Our family loves to play games together.  It is a great way to bond with your kids too.  To spice things up a bit I let my kids eat the Jelly Beans that they captured!

If you want an easy Easter Craft I know you’ll have fun making this one.  You’ll make memories with your kids and you never know, they could remember it far down the road.  If nothing else you’ll have a bonding activity.  What a great way to celebrate Easter, don’t you think?


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Tie Dye Kids Craft: Coffee Filters

Tie Dye Kids Craft: Coffee Filters

This tie dye kids craft is easy to do and inexpensive as well.   You could even incorporate this craft into a family home evening!

Tie Dye Kids Craft: Coffee Filters

I love this easy craft because it is low cost and simple.  This also makes good practice if you would like to tie dye other projects!

How To Tie Dye Coffee Filters

Gathering Ingredients

Here are the tools you will need to get this craft started.

food coloring

straws or droppers

an ice cube tray

coffee filters


Most of the ingredients were already in my home.  Because we don’t drink coffee in my house I had everything except  coffee filters.  We also didn’t have an ice cube tray.  To make this a free project I got some coffee filters from a friend and they also gave me an ice cube tray.  You also may be able to find an ice cube tray at the dollar store as well as some of the other ingredients.

Tie Dying the Coffee Filters

First of all put a little bit of water in the ice cube tray.  After that you will put a few drops of food coloring in each ice cube spot.  Stir the water/food coloring mixture.  Then take out the coffee filters and straws or droppers and flatten the coffee filters.  After that dip the straw or dropper into the food coloring.  Once you have the food coloring mixture in the straw or dropper slowly let out the food coloring mixture onto a flat coffee filter.

The trick to using a straw is to dip the straw into the mixture and place a finger at the top of the straw so that the mixture remains in the straw until you release your finger and it falls onto the coffee filter.  Droppers may be easier for younger hands.

Although this is a messy project it is fun and really easy to do!  One idea for this craft is to have it as a family home evening activity!   After the lesson you could do this simple craft then have treats!  Your kids will love it!