Roses Among Thorns

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Sometimes we are a rose bush and sometimes we are pruned and look more like a thorn bush.  How we look at that can determine where we are going.  We need to realize we are roses among thorns.
roses among thorns

I have been told before, life has thorns, but there are always roses.  You can look at it two different ways.  You can think, “look at those thorns on that rosebush” or “look at those roses on that thorn bush”.  I like the second approach better.

Here is what the second approach has taught me.  If there are thorns, there has to be a rose somewhere. For example, my life right now if full of thorns.  I just went through a divorce, I am having to move out of my home, and I have a job that is commission based and I feel isn’t making me enough to take care of me and my kids.  It’s rough and hard and keeping afloat seems impossible at times.  But….
There are roses among the thorns.
The roses are so beautiful and vary in color.  For example, some are friends that say hello, someone that takes the time to get to know my story, or even a smile or laugh from my kids.  The time I have here on the earth is precious, and every day there is something that comes out as a rose.
If you look at a rose bush, you don’t always see the roses.  When the rose bush is small there really isn’t much but thorns.  But as the rose bush grows, and as it climbs higher and higher you see the roses.  The roses start small, they don’t just bloom right away.  You can hardly notice the little buds.  But once they start blooming they are glorious and wonderful, each color a beauty of their own.
Not only does life have thorns and roses, but I believe we are a bush of thorns or roses as well.
Each one of us has beauty beyond measure.  Each one of us is our own rosebush.  There are things in our lives that will chop us up.  Just like a rosebush needs to be pruned, we get pruned and cut to the ground.  And all that seems to be left is thorns. Sometimes, we just sit there in thorns, thinking “I am not beautiful. I am nothing.”  We don’t have the buds.  The roses are gone.   But… if you wait, you see that bush blooms, and comes out with more and more roses.  Each rose a beauty.  Each one so glorious and each petal so perfect.  We become more beautiful after each pruning and produce more roses for everyone to see.
Every rose is beautiful and adds to the bush.  That perfect job.  That perfect house.  The perfect family.  Then pruning happens and something is taken away and we think the bush is ruined.  But just wait, because soon there will be a plethora of roses.  And when you see them, things will be clear.  All you could see was the thorns, and now there are roses in abundance.
So right now, my life is full of thorns.  I just got “pruned” I guess you could say.  But soon, very soon, there will be many roses.  Even now I see small buds.  And as far as my outlook on what life is giving me, I like to see the roses more than I see the thorns.
So my friends, know that there are thorns, and there are roses.  You can look at is as “look at those thorns on that rosebush” or “look at those roses on that thorn bush”.  Each day you make a choice.  What is yours?
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