Reviewing The May 2016 Challenge

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I took on the May 2016 challenge on top of my own goals for my blog.  Today I am looking back on the challenge to see where I ended up!

May 2016 Challenge

The May 2016 Challenge

My goal for May was have a blog post for each day!  This meant most times I had to write every single day.  Some days I would write ahead and some days I would just write for the day.  Writing every day became harder at the end because I started running out of things I wanted to write about.  That was probably the biggest challenge this month is knowing what to write about.

Another goal I had was to always write my Sunday post on a different day so I didn’t have to worry about writing on Sunday!  I did really well this month and didn’t write on Sunday at all.  I scheduled my posts to be published on that day but the last week I after and scheduled it on the day it was supposed to be posted.  I love how I am allowed to schedule things based on when I want it posted.

Some things I would change about writing is not necessarily making the goal to write every day but write about things that I truly think people need to read, take the time to edit the way I want and produce better quality posts.  This challenge was good for me because I know I can have a post for everyday, but that isn’t always the best thing to do.

I love how this got me writing.  If I hadn’t set goals I wouldn’t have written so much.  Each post is at least 300 words so over the course of the month I have started a short novel!

As far as blog posts go I got a little help from a friend.  The May 2016 Challenge that I was following was something a friend sent me.  It had topics to write about on certain days.  Although I didn’t follow that outline to a “T” I was able to keep writing at least some of the days because I had a guideline of things to write about.

I want to thank you all for reading!  My first month of Mama Lacy’s Lifestyle is now behind me and is something I would call a success! 🙂

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