Music Spinners

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Not all teachers have an iPad or can afford to make such an investment, and sometimes you might need more then one spinner Feel free to download these.

Music Spinners

All you need to do is print, laminate (if desired), cut out design, then use a 3/16 hole punch to cut out the holes in the arrows.  In the middle of the spin board you can use an x-acto knife (or the tip of any knife) to cut a small hole in the center.  After that put a small brass fastener through the holes and you are done!

Musical Alphabet Spinner

Some ideas I have for using these are…..
Quizzing a beginner on the musical alphabet.  Spin the spinner and then have them play the note on the piano or draw it on a staff if they are starting to learn how to read notes.

Quizzing a beginner on dynamics and note values.  Have them spin the spinner then write what they think the symbols mean or how long the notes last.  This can be used in a group setting as well!

I also plan to play some fun games together with some game boards I’m making! If anyone has any fun suggestions, feel free to share!

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