March 2017 Photo Challenge – Day 8 The Sky

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The sky it at its peak and your eyes are glued to the vast array of colors. You stare as the beauty passes before you in a matter of minutes.  Perfection.

The Sky Changing to a Sunset

Anytime I look at a sunset I can’t help but think “Wow, that’s God’s painting right there.”  Seems like I am always in awe at the colors and beauty that I witness at a certain time each day. You simply cannot look up and ignore that the sky is on fire!  With it’s vast depth of purple and red to its pastel pink and yellow.

Sometimes, if it’s raining, you may not get to witness the glory of the sun.  On these days it seems a bit murky.  However, most days here in AZ you will find a beautiful sunset and clouds that dance across the sky.

What if there are no clouds?

It’s the same.  Ha ha, you thought I was going to tell you something smart didn’t you?  Nope, that’s just it.  It will still change colors without the clouds. Got you on that one!

The Night Sky

The stars come out,  and depending on the time of year or even the time of the month, you are going to see a different version of the moon every night.   I couldn’t get a decent photo of the night sky with my phone, but the moon definitely has its own kind of glory.  I love that it seems to change every night, even if in all reality the moon is still sitting there the same.   Maybe one day I’ll get a camera so I can take a picture of the night sky.  For now, you’ll just have to put up with a sunset!

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