March 2017 Photo Challenge – Day 6 Happiness

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Sometimes we think happiness is having this or that. Sometimes it is if this person likes us or if we can land that job. But what really is true happiness?


Happiness comes in all different forms: a new baby that you love, your religion, your job, your house, and you.  Although what most often gets mixed up in all this is that the truth to all happiness is in you.  Are you happy?  Are you content with where your life is?


That’s a tricky word right there, contentment.  Some people keep searching for happiness and can never find it, but others seem to be happy no matter what life throws their way.  It is interesting to me when I watch these things happen the life lessons I can take through observation.  Past relationships and my divorce have taught me that no one person can make you happy.

Contentment has found me.  Although, I feel I have always had a good sense for it.  When I was younger I was content driving with my dad in his truck.  We didn’t have to talk, just being in his presence was enough.  Driving through the mountains made me happy and I knew what contentment was.   I am glad that I learned at an early age what that looks like for me.

Photo Challenge Mastered


Today the photo challenge was on Happiness.  A few months ago I would have looked at this picture and seen a girl with messy hair and tons of flaws.  Although, today I see a happy girl with beautiful curly hair and a fun hat on her head.  Contentment is accepting yourself, just the way you are.  Not the dolled up version of you that magazines and even some of your people will want to see, but you.  Are you content with you?  If you can find that, you can find happiness, and that my friends, is priceless.

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