March 2017 Photo Challenge – Day 5 Feet

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My favorite thing to do with my girl is to paint our toe nails together. Of course with the challenge being feet, this is what I picked to photograph.

A Girly Girl and Her Feet

My girl is a girly girl all the time, and I am well, a girl that’s not so girly.  I am not your average dolled up little piece of work but now and then you will see me wearing makeup and with a braid in my hair.  Something I do like to do is paint my toes.  I probably get this from being a ballerina for a good 17 years.  A ballerina with messed up toes wasn’t something I wanted for myself.  After seeing some, I took great effort to keep them painted, even when they were bleeding.

The thing is, when you have a girl you realize you should probably be more girly.  You find yourself loving playing dress up and doing your girls hair becomes fun , even if you don’t like to fix your own curly mess.  You find yourself looking for pink and purple in stores.  Bows and headbands are a must and dresses become the norm for my little princess.  I dress up my girl more than I dress up myself, mostly because I think she is so stinking adorable I just can’t resist!  I remember as a baby bringing her home from the hospital I had her all dolled out in pink and with a little skirt to match as well!

Common Ground

We are different but we both like painting our toe nails.  She can be in her dress, with braids with matching toes.  It’s so fun to wear sandals.  People think it’s so cute when a little girl matches her Mama and you know what?  I think it’s cute too!

The photo challenge was feet and here you have feet.  Cute sparkly pink feet just like my girl likes it, and just the way I like them too!

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