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I love finding free printables!  Especially around Easter time.  He Sent His Son is taken directly from a primary song that my kids and I love.  It has brought a lot of inspiration to me in my life.

He Sent His Son Song

You can find this song in the Children’s Songbook on page 34.  I learned it when I was a child and could easily feel the Spirit testifying of Christ.  He sent His Son tells the story of Jesus’ life in a brief but powerful way.  If you would like to listen to it you can find it here.

If you would like to, you can also watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing it  here. I sing a much more simple version of He Sent His Son to my children each night, (the one found in the Children’s Songbook)  but I do love how the Mormon Tabernacle Choir arranges music.  They have this amazing talent of taking a simple song and making it even more beautiful with their harmonization.

Keeping This Saying In Our Home

With Easter just around the corner I I love finding easy ways to teach.  Music really touches my kid’s hearts and they learn quicker and better if I teach them through song.  Because we already sing this song so often I figured I can incorporate it this week into our Easter week activities.  I love this free printable because I can print it at home and once downloaded, I was able to save it on a flash drive where I can use it again and again.  You could frame it and keep it up in your home but for now mine hangs on our fridge.

Ordering Your Free Printable

It is really easy to order your printable online.  This link

—> <—takes you directly to the order page.  Once you put it in your cart and go to check out you will be asked if you have an account with them.  You will have to sign up for an account in order to receive the printable but you don’t have to sign up for e-mail offers or anything.  Once you have clicked submit it will enter your inbox in a matter of minutes!  You have five days to download it and then you can’t use the link, so I suggest downloading it and saving it somewhere.

Other Ways To Use This Printable

You may find it helpful to use this printout in Primary lessons.  You could print one for each child to take home and put in their room.  When I was in primary, I loved when teachers would do this.  I put a lot of quotes up in my room to remind myself of Jesus.  These quotes often brought me peace growing up in a broken home.  Today, I still have some of the quotes stuck in my journal and I won’t forget those teachers that gave me them.  You never know the impact a simple quote can bring.

If you would like to purchase a Children’s Songbook you have several options:

Children’s Songbook

Children’s Songbook – Pocket Size

Children’s Songbook eBook


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