5 Safety Tips To Teach Your Kids

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Today’s world is ever changing.  It is really important to teach kids how to be safe.  One idea is to have a Family Home Evening about safety!

5 Safety Tips To Teach Your Kids

Teaching my kids about safety is always something I am cautious about.  With the world getting scarier and kids being targets it is hard to relax being a parent.  Here are some ideas for teaching your kids to stay safe.

5 Safety Tips To Teach Your Kids

  1. Teach them how to get away

    Do we teach our kids that they should always look for their parent? Do we let them know if someone grabs them it’s okay to bite, kick, yell, and scratch? Sometimes they may not have time to think, especially if they are grabbed real quick out of the blue.  The more you practice what they should do, the more likely they will have an automatic response.   Even my 3 year old can learn certain tactics to get away when needed.

  2. Teach your kids your phone number

    I am old enough to remember when we had a home phone and I had to memorize my friend’s numbers. I also had to have my home phone number memorized if I wanted to call home from a friend’s house.  If your kids know your phone number they can use it for any situation such as the babysitter’s house, school, or really any emergency in general where they may need to get a hold of you.

    When they learn your number also teach them how to dial it.  This may seem silly but playing games on your phone and dialing a number is a completely different thing.  Don’t assume they already know, take the time to teach.

    Also, don’t think your three year old can’t memorize your phone number.  If they can memorize “Let it go” from Frozen then you definitely have something to work with there.  Make up a little song to make it easy for them.

    Once learned ask them at random points throughout the day what your phone number is.   My 5 year old learned my phone number in about 2 minutes without a song.  My 3 year old took a tiny bit longer with a song.  No matter what way you get it done, just do it.  You will feel more at ease if your kids know how to get a hold of you.

  3. Teach them to trust their instincts

    Teach your kids that if they have an icky feeling about someone, it really is okay to leave the situation.  As they leave they should search for a trusted adult, such as their parent.  Whether it’s a babysitter, someone at the park, or anyone else, teach them to follow that feeling and call home if necessary.

     Also, as a parent, listen to you kids!  If they are telling you they feel uncomfortable don’t automatically assume they are being ridiculous.  Talk to them about why they feel that way and don’t put them in situations again that make them feel unsafe.  Most child abuse happens with close family members or friends.  Knowing this,  is very important to keep your guard up, even if it is someone you think you can trust.

  4. Teach your kids it is not their fault

    Tell your kids they will never get in trouble and you will never be angry with them for talking to you.  Whether they are telling you about the movie they just watched or telling you about a more serious matter, let them know it’s okay to come to you.  If they are in an uncomfortable situation, let them know that the situation is not their fault.  Sometimes kids can think this and hold onto it for years.  Please make sure your child is comforted.

  5. Be an involved parent

    Don’t assume your child will want to call you, or communicate anything to you, if you don’t already have an established relationship with them.  If you can’t talk to them about a movie or book they like, they won’t want to talk to you. Especially about those things that are hard to talk about.  Be your kids confidant. Listen to them, play with them, and let them feel safe around you. The safer they feel around you, the safer they will feel telling you the hard things.

    Life Has It’s Messes, Teach Them Now

Overall you need to teach your kids how to handle life situations.  The more prepared they are the better they will be. Practice it so their reactions are automatic. Teach them now.  This doesn’t always mean bad things won’t happen, but it will give them more confidence if they do encounter a tough situation.

Do you have any ideas about safety? Write your ideas below in the comments. I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Great points that are very important to teach kids. It can be so easy to miss some of these things or feel like they already know them. This is also perfect for FHE! 🙂

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