Family Home Evening Jar

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I ran across this blog a while ago (when my baby wasn’t a toddler) and I made this jar thinking we would use it when he got older and is ready for it.  He is only 21 months right now, so we will still be waiting a while, but I know that I have it there when we need it.

If you have young children you know what a struggle it is to keep them engaged during Family Home Evening.  Making Family Home Evening short (or at least the lesson part) has been one good tip we use with our toddler.  FHE-in-a-jar is for those days where you don’t have time to prepare Family Home Evening (and those days come more than we expect!) This way you can still stay consistent on those crazy days, or you can begin having Family Home Evening, no need to prepare a lesson!

Family Home Evening Jar

Although there are many versions out there, I really like this version because it comes with printable coloring pages for the little ones.  They are nice and short and have everything all prepared for you.  I found this version at where you can find many good food storage tips as well.  All you have to do is download and print, cut out the strips and put them in a jar, and put the coloring pages in a small folder or binder easy to access for later.  It is best if you keep the jar next to the binder/folder so that you know exactly where everything is when you need it.

As she mentions in her post they also make good visiting teaching gifts!  What a great idea!  How do you keep Family Home Evening fun for your little ones?

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