Egg Shakers

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I know it isn’t Easter, but I thought I would share these egg shakers I made.  I use them all year round! I have used egg shakers for rhythm activities a lot and it is so much fun for my students!  Shaking eggs can be especially fun for young students!
Egg Shakers
The shakers keep the pulse.  After they have gotten the pulse down, then we make it a little trickier by keeping the pulse by passing them to each other.  This is only one way that you could use these!  There are many things you can do with them!

How to Make Egg Shakers

First you need to have plastic eggs that open up.  If you have any left over from Easter you can use those.  Fill the eggs with popcorn kernels, rice, or beans (I find that rice works best).  If you have a hot glue gun, now is the time to pull it out! After it is warm put a small line of hot glue around one open end and then close shut.  (This way they won’t open if a student drops one!)  After that enjoy making lots of rhythm fun together!
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  1. Thank you Wendy! They are pretty easy to make. The trick though is the hot glue. Something I didn't mention in the post is that you can peel the glue off the outside if it leaks a little so that they look better. Have fun with them!

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