Easter Day – 2016

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We all know what this day is.  It is Easter Day!  We celebrate the life of Christ.  The fact that He is Risen! Many Christians attend church, celebrate with family and ponder about Christ’s life.

My favorite Easter story at this time is of Jesus walking along the road to Emmaus with two men.  It is found in Luke 24:13-31.

Easter Day

Easter Day

Easter Day

Easter Day

In this story Christ walks with two men along a road.  He asks them about what has been happening in Jerusalem.  They assume he doesn’t know and so they tell Christ the story of Him getting crucified and rising again.  He walks with them, then dines with them.  Finally when they dine they recognize Him and then he disappears.  They ask themselves, “Did not our hearts burn within us?”

This story is so real to me because I know that sometimes things are right in front of my eyes, but I fail to see until the end.  But then when I recollect I realize that God was trying to tell me something all along.

Because it is Easter Day I encourage you to read this scripture story.  Jesus showed Himself to many people after his resurrection.  Some accounts are found at the last chapter of Matthew and of Luke.  If you would like to read those as well that would also be a great way to spend a couple hours on this beautiful Easter Day.

Remember: He is Risen!

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