The Week of Easter – Day 3

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On Easter – day 3 scriptural accounts point towards the religious leaders of the day trying to trap Jesus in His words.

I would like to look into some religious leaders of the day.

The scribes were considered court officials and are mentioned many times in the New Testament. They were what you could call Secretary of State, and their aim was to reproduce the words of the wise. (Matt. 13:52) Sometimes they were called lawyers, other times they were called Rabbi (my master).   The scribes taught in temples or houses of instruction, they did not sit down with the people like Jesus did.  (Mark 2:16)

The Pharisees come from the religious party among the Jews called the Hasidaens.   The Hebrew name for Hasidaens is Chasidim.  The Hasidaens were devoted to the Mosaic Law, as you later learn so are the Pharisees.  (Matt. 7:1-3) The difference between the Sadducees and Pharisees is that the Pharisees believed in resurrection, where the Sadducees did not.  (Matt. 22: 23-34)

Sadducees: Did NOT believe in the resurrection.  (Matt. 22:23)

Herodians: These were the supporters of the Herodian family.  They were a political party and to some extent opposed the Roman Government and also the Pharisees who wanted a pure religious theocracy.

Essences: They are not mentioned in the New Testament but still existed in the day.  They abstained from marriage, wine, and animal food and they did not worship in temples.  Some dead sea scrolls may be their worship.

Now that you know a little about some of the religious leaders, I would like to show a video of just one instance that went on that day.  Just click here to watch.

The religious leaders were trying to trap Jesus.  It is interesting to note that even though the Herodians and Pharisees were normally enemies, they united in the attempt to trap Jesus in his words. (Mark 3:6).

To read about the various attempts that happened this day you can read these scriptures:

  • Matt. 21:23-27
    • Chief Priests try to trap Him
  • Matt. 22:15-21
    • Pharisees and Herodians try to trap Him
  • Matt. 22:23-34
    • Sadducees try to trap Him
  • Matt. 22:36-39
    • Scribes try to trap Him
In every instance, they could not do it.  They could not catch Him off guard.  He knows all things, and in every instance He used it as a teaching moment.  What a powerful lesson that is.  No matter what people are trying to do or say, He taught us that we can always take opportunity to teach instead of take immediate offense.  Even when He so bluntly called them hypocrites, He was teaching them that He knew what they were thinking, and that you can not, in any way, fool God.
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