Easter Day 3 – 2016

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Today is Easter Day 3.  This is the day that the Savior was set up; in many ways the religious leaders of His day were trying to trap Him. You can read about that in this post.

The symbol I created this year for the third day is a string egg.  I hung it on my Easter Tree.  If you want to make an Easter Tree just read this post.

Here’s how to make this egg.
First you need the following:
One water balloon
School glue
*You may also want to get out a blow dryer if you want to speed up the drying process.
Start wrapping the string around the balloon adding glue along the string as you go.  Make sure to rub the glue in with your finger.  Wrap the string all the way around the balloon.  Take a blow dryer and dry the glue for a few minutes until it is hard then let sit over night to finish drying. You will know it is completely dry when you feel no flexibility to it.  It will look like this.
Pop the balloon.  When you pop it at first it may still stick to the string.  You will have to gently push the balloon to the center with the end of a needle or your finger, that is why you leave holes in the string.  Once you finish getting the balloon out of the center your egg may look like this.
Take your needle and clean it up a little.  You can peel the glue off or leave your egg like this if you would like.  Attach a string to the top so you can hang it on your tree and wala! There you have your string Easter egg.

The egg symbolizes new life.  Christ brings us all new life but we have to be willing to receive it. Because the eggs are made out of string they almost look like a trap to me which reminds me how clever and knowledgeable our Savior is.  No matter how they tried to trap Him, they could not.  He is God, and knows all things.

If you want to make some string Easter eggs, go ahead and do it!  It’s a craft your kids may enjoy as well!

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