Easter 2014

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I know that the Easter Bunny is a big thing in the United States.  People have day parties and talk about how the Easter Bunny is going to come and leave chocolate and goodies; maybe even toys!  But I have decided that the true meaning of Easter, just like the true meaning of Christmas, is what I want to focus on.

It is Easter!  He is Risen! (Matt. 28; John 20-21)

This is a great day!   I am so happy and grateful for my Savior and that He was able to do what we all can’t.  I know he rose from the dead and that He lives!

We have had a good week finding out what happened on each day.  It is so rewarding studying and pondering and really taking in every event.  The scriptures have really come alive for me this year and I am grateful for that.  On Easter sometimes we focus on the Easter Bunny instead of Christ, but this week I have been able to focus on Christ more because believe it or not, blogging about it made me think about it more.  Imagine that!
Something I love to do on the day of Easter is watching videos of the life of Christ.  You may like to watch one as well today.  Just plug in your computer and copy this link in your browser to watch this video.   Hey good family time right?
When you are done see if your kids were able to identify each day and what happened.  You can even quiz yourself.  If you don’t know what happened then read each post that I posted this week and then watch the video.  And hey, you might find something new I didn’t even talk about!  If you do don’t be afraid to let me know!  I love learning just like you!
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