DIY Sign Post

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Do you have a bunch of signs you are waiting to hang up?  In this post I will teach you how to make your own sign post so you can finally hang those signs!

DIY Sign Post

I got this plastic post for free on the side of the road.  I thought “Hey I could something out of this!  DIY Sign Post sounds about right! ”  This is what it looked like at first.

DIY Sign Post

I didn’t like the color but I loved the design.  I knew this would be an easy project I just needed to do it!  Here is what you will need to make your DIY Sign Post.

a post

spray paint of your choice in color

a decorative knob

a plastic bag

a drill or glue

I decided to go with white because I thought it would pop a little.  Most people go with black or some other dark color but that just depends on your post.  Because mine had so much detail I went with white.  Some other pastel color might have worked as well though.

The first thing you need to do is to paint the post.  Lay your plastic bag on the ground to protect it.

DIY Sign Post

Spray paint the post lightly just one layer.  Leave for 20 minutes then come back and do a second layer.  If you have detail on your post like mine does you will want to flip the post upside down and paint it again.  Always wait about 20 minutes in between layers.

I didn’t get pictures of this part but you will want to put the knob in the middle of the top part of the post.  If you want to you can measure the exact middle point and then drill your hole, or you can just eye it.  I just decided to eye it then drill.

The type of knob I got screws into the hole.  If you got a knob that doesn’t do that you may have to glue it instead of drill a hole.

In the end your post should look like this.

DIY Sign Post

Now it is ready for your signs!


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