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I decided in the new year that I should probably get a little more organized in my home.  Making a center station for our family activities seemed to be a priority.  It is nice to be able to see everyone’s schedules in one place and put the mail in one place.  When I searched for free printable dry erase boards, I didn’t really like my options, so I made some.
Free Printable Dry Erase Calendars
Black and White Dry Erase Calendar
To print click on the picture


DIY Center Station
To print click on the picture
I printed the black and white one out and laminated it so that I could use it as a dry erase board.  I tacked it to the cork board where I put our mail holder that I made out of an old cereal box and tacked the dry erase markers and eraser down as well.  And wa-la, that’s our center station.  I like using different color dry erase markers to mark each family member’s activities so that I know who is doing what which day.  Keeps our lives organized, all in one place!

Another thing I wanted to add to my center station was to add this Notes Shopping List and To Do List station.  It goes right under the black and white calendar from above.

If you don’t have a laminate machine you could always put this in an old picture frame.  Those work great too.
One organizing project down…many more to go!


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