Book Review: Open When…Letters to lift your spirits

Open when…Letters to lift your spirits is an excellent book for when I feel down.   When my mood is especially gloomy I can count on the vibrant colors and witty words to cheer me up.  There’s nothing like touching the paper and opening each envelope to read a little pick me up.

Open When…Letters to lift your spirits

Dealing with life is hard enough as it is.  It can be especially tough when we don’t have much motivation and we are left on our own.  I love that this book provides witty quotes that I can read again and again.  The last one gets me every time!

Having a gloomy day? That’s okay!

I love this one. It reminds me that I can still be a positive person and have a few negative thoughts once in a while.  Fight on, move forward!  Tomorrow is another day.

If someone has hurt you…

I actually use this quote quite a bit.  Sometimes it’s okay to be hurt for a while, even if you forgive someone.  Although the quote in this book reminds me to let Karma take over that is easier said than done.  Although, it’s a good reminder to keep moving forward.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed?

This one tells you that you have enough in you to get where you need to be.  I love that it puts the future in the present moment.   By reminding us that we already have within us what we need to accomplish whatever we put our minds to, it’s hard not to be motivated.  The quote found inside is a great reminder, after all, we can accomplish whatever we want, can’t we?

Doubt Not.  Fear Not.

Don’t let the self doubt get to you!  When you open this letter it will remind you that you aren’t in a race to be somewhere!  Sometimes I forget that.  We know that the experiences we gain in life aren’t like anyone else’s.  With this reminder you realize there’s no need to doubt and there’s no need to fear.  Everything works out in the end my dear!

If you need a laugh this will cheer you right up!

When you open this flap you are in for a treat!  Who doesn’t want to smile?  I mean really?  Everyone can use a little “Happiness Dust”.  The pretty little kitten won’t let you be sad!  The quote in this one is sure to make you smile.

What Quotes Do You Speak Of?

I would love to share with you every single quote found in the book.  Really, I would!  However having it yourself is so much more fun.   I love snail mail and when there’s nothing but bills to look at I sometimes flip through this book.  There are a few more letters than pictured above.  Things like “Open when…life gets messy” or “Open when…your attitude needs gratitude”.  This book is filled with all kinds of insights for any gloomy day.


Raising The Perfectly Imperfect Child: Book Review

Raising children can be the most rewarding, exhausting experience with love pouring out of your heart. Have you ever loved a perfectly imperfect child?

Raising children can be the most rewarding, exhausting experience with love pouring out of your heart. Have you ever loved a perfectly imperfect child?

My Thoughts About Raising The Perfectly Imperfect Child

When reading Raising The Perfectly Imperfect Child by Boris Vujicic I was shocked and in awe at some of the things he talked about.  Many of us have heard from Nick Vujicic, the boy born without arms or legs.  This book is by Nick’s father.  Nick often talks about his parents support, love and encouragement.   There are many hard and heart wrenching truths in this book that makes any parent feel, well, just as human as ever.  I have so much more love and respect for Nick’s parents after reading this book.

Hard Truths With Heartfelt Feelings

It starts out facing some hard truths about when Nick was born.  Boris and his wife don’t pretend they weren’t shocked or scared when they learned their baby had no arms and legs.  All their emotion and raw feelings expressed in this book makes me so grateful for their honesty.

At one point in this book Boris talks about how they contemplated possibly giving Nick up for adoption when he was a born.  He talks about how disappointed he was that his son was born without arms and legs.  All Boris’s dreams of Nick playing ball and running around crashed down hard as he tried to love his son through the first months of his life.  He describes sadness.  He even describes it as a grieving experience.  Many of us go through tough times as a parent and truly it would be hard to face some of the challenges that this family faced.  Nick was born completely without limbs, so he was the first of his kind.  The doctors didn’t even know what to do with him.

I love that even though it was hard for this family to face Nick’s disabilities at first, they decided to love him through and do everything they could.  Through their many struggles they made it through with more love for their son as time went on.  I love how they did not baby Nick.  They let him learn, grow, develop, and discover how to do things his own way.  If they hadn’t done this Nick would not be the man he is today.

Reaching Out To Other Parents

Boris reaches out to other parents of kids with disabilities.  He talks about the process, the feelings, the expectations and even the awkward moments they have faced while raising Nick.  Even though I don’t have a child with disabilities, I learned much from this book.  Boris teaches us that loving our children just the way they are is the best gift we can give them.  Even if they are perfectly imperfect.

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