The Apostle Song

the apostle song

The Apostle Song has changed over time with each new apostle and prophet.  This is the new updated 2016 version you can teach your kids!

the apostle song

The Apostle Song

I cam across The Apostle Song back in 2012 looking for ways to teach the apostles to my toddler boy.  Now my boy is a little older and my girl is starting to learn songs.  What a great way to teach them who the apostles are!

This is the newest 2016 version found on YouTube.  Its great for leaning the newly called apostles.  It states a little fact about each as well which really helps me get to know them a little better and can be a teaching tool for your kids too.  They may remember that for the rest of their life.

I know when I was a kid it was so much easier to memorize scriptures or apostles or really anything I was studying if I had a song to sing.  It has been proven that people that use music to memorize actually retain more for longer. Music is one of those great things that can help you in many areas in your life!

This is a great idea for family home evening too.  You can make a lesson about the apostles and one fact about each (you can pull the fact from this song!) and put on the apostle song and help your family learn it!  You could sing it every family home evening for a month and see if they have it down.  You could even make it a theme and cover one apostle a month for the year and see how many facts you can gather about each apostle.  They are taking this theme this year in the friend magazine, so your work is basically done for you.  Just go here to get started!

Interchangeable Board Game For Kids

Interchangeable Board Game

Wonder how to keep your kids busy while inside this summer? This interchangeable board game is easy to play with any kid!


Interchangeable Board Game

This interchangeable board game is a new favorite for my kids!

I made this interchangeable board game originally to play games while teaching piano a few years ago. I liked how I could use it by quizzing kids on what they know about composers, dynamics, rhythm, and solfege. Now that my son is old enough to play board games I thought I would pull this out!

On some of the squares it says “Draw a card”. I would make different cards for each subject and then quiz the kids. I had a great idea recently though! Why not make the cards with your kids? Doesn’t that sound fun?

One idea is to make some silly cards. You could have your kids draw pictures on some index cards and have them act it out! This can make the board game come alive! They will want to land on the draw a card so they can get up and be silly! You can run with this idea and make any cards you want!

Another idea is to make cards for Family Night. You could pull this game out and use it to help teach your kids about Christ, the Prophets, and the Plan of Salvation. You could help them memorize scriptures for older kids too! It’s all up to what you want to do!

You can also take this board game to primary to help teach your primary class! Just make cards that go along with your lesson or towards the end of your class have your kids make cards and then bring it the next week and play the game! The limit is your imagination! 🙂

After you get done making some fun cards with your kids print the board game and laminate it so you can use it more than once. Pull out some dice and some tokens from a different board game (or make your own!) and have some fun! Even my two year old likes this game! 🙂

Print out this board game here:
Board Game