Why I Love One-Pieces, Old And New

Growing up I was always in a one piece. Options were slimmer back then but I still loved the style! Here are some one-pieces I think look fantastic!

Growing up I was always in a one piece.  Although options were slimmer back then, I still loved the ones I came by!  There are so many options now days. Here are some one-pieces I think look fantastic!

Two Types of One-Pieces

  Although there are many different style one pieces we are going to talk about the two main styles today.  There’s the kind we are use to seeing and the kind that has a little bit of a short added to it.  The short style one comes from the 1920s when one-pieces became more popular.  I love that the one with the short style is coming back because I feel like those can be more comfortable than the bikini line ones.

Years ago woman were encouraged to be modest, until the bikini came out.  Then I think in all good spirits of women’s freedom, they made more revealing clothing.  This may work for some but it doesn’t work for me.  I like going to the pool or the beach knowing I’m not going to fall out of my bathing suit.  Call me crazy but it just feels better.

Benefits Of The More Modern One-Piece

Although it is harder for me to find one of these that fit right, I love all the different patterns they have to offer.  You can get so many gorgeous patterns when you do a good search.  You will definitely be able to find a one-piece to fit your style if you look for one of these.

Benefits Of The 1920s Style Swimsuit

I’ve always admired the 1920s style suits and wondered where I could get one.  Well, now days all it takes is looking online!  Because of modern technology, you can find patterned ones or plain.  You don’t even need to step out of your living room!  Whether you like the more affordable kind or want to invest in something awesome, you can find anything under the sun!  There are just so many options in our day!

In a recent search I found some pretty nice ones here and they are at a decent price too. 

Wearing Your One-Piece With Pride

If you love one-pieces, don’t be afraid, I do too!  You wear what you like and you enjoy you.  I love that there are so many options today so each person can have their individual style.  Like what you see and want more?  Stay tuned for more later this week!

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