Mesa Temple Easter Pageant 2017

The Easter Pageant was so incredible this year! I was worried taking my kids being a single mom, but I am so glad we went. We even got pretty good seats.

The Easter Pageant was so incredible this year! I was worried taking my kids being a single mom, but I am so glad we went. We even got pretty good seats

Mesa Easter Pageant

The Mesa Easter Pageant has been going on for 87 years!  That is older than my kids grandpa.  I think it’s so incredible that this has been going on for so long.  It attracts people from many different Christian faiths and they do a really good job of sticking to the Bible.  I love the way it tells the story of Jesus from birth to death and resurrection.  There’s some dancing and music that just melts your heart.

Before The Pageant

This was the third time I have ever seen it but it was the first time for my kids.  We arrived very early to get good seats.  I knew it was going to be pretty full because we happened to go on Good Friday.  We arrived about 4:30pm, walked the grounds, and visited the Mesa Temple Visitor’s Center.  The kids really enjoyed the Christ Statue and the message.  I loved that my boy was so eager to ask questions about Jesus.

The grounds are beautiful and I think my girl thought she was in a fairy wonderland.  With the many flowers and vibrant colors she wanted to stay outside the whole time.

Of course there were many trips to the bathroom and hungry kids, but lucky for me I thought ahead and packed a lot of food.  We just killed time until the pageant started.  Luckily my kids are pretty easy to entertain.  I was so relieved to run into several moms that were walking the grounds letting their kids get their energy out before the play!  I even stopped to talk to a few and we just laughed and gave each other the look of “I know, hang in there!”

Questions and Songs

From the beginning my boy was drawn in by in the songs and the action on stage.  He kept asking “Is that Jesus?” and he loved the angles.  When Jesus was at Gethsemane he softly started singing the song we are learning for the Easter Program this year, which is called “Gethsemane”.  It was so sweet to see him make sense of what was happening.

Cast And Pageant Things

The play was very well set up.  We had a pretty close seat so we could see everything happening.  At the opening scene your attention is drawn immediately upwards to the angles on top of the stage.  From the beginning the story takes a different twist than what you expect.

From birth to death they depict the life of the Savior.  I think my favorite part was when Jesus rode in on a live donkey.  The ending really caught my attention as well as I saw the resurrected Jesus once again.  It definitely struck home seeing Him up there like that with everyone singing “I Know He Lives”.

I knew a few people in the cast which was exciting for me.  I was glad that we ran into them after the show.  With 475 cast members it was pretty incredible that we got to see our friends.

If you haven’t seen the Easter Pageant it can be a great teaching opportunity for your kids!  I was nervous taking this on this year but over all I am really glad that I did!  The feeling of the Spirit can teach, even little ears, the message of Christ.

If you would like to know more about the pageant go to   There are pictures and you can even check out the Visitor’s Center Facebook Page.  Maybe you can plan this for next Easter!


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Easter Egg Checkers Board Craft


Easter Egg Checkers Board Craft

Do your kids like playing games? Are you running out of Easter craft ideas? Have them make an Easter Egg Checkers Board and grab some Jelly Beans to play!

Do your kids like playing games?  Are you running out of Easter craft ideas?  Have them make an Easter Egg Checkers Board and grab some Jelly Beans to play!

 Easter Egg Checkers Board

We did this craft for a Family Home Evening activity.  It was so easy my 3 year old could do it, with some help of course.  It only took minutes and now we have a game board to play on!

What you will need:

      • Print out of Easter Egg Checker Board
      • Colorful paper (construction paper works)
      • A Pencil
      • Scissors
      • Tape
      • Jelly Beans or Checkers pieces

You can purchase all these items at any dollar store near you.  Usually Dollar Tree and the 99 cent store have the best options.

How To Make The Easter Egg Checkers Board

Print and cut out the Checkers Board.

Easter Egg Checkers Board Cut Out


Then cut out strips of colorful paper.  Once you have everything cut out all you need to do is weave the colored paper in between the cut flaps of the Easter egg.  Then tape the ends of the colored strips to the egg.  After that cut the ends off to make the Easter egg round again.  You can do this in a matter of minutes which is great anytime you want a quick craft.  It’s easy to clean up too because it was less mess in the first place!

Playing With Your New Checkers Board


There are a couple ways you can do this to make it really fun.  You could grab some checkers pieces and play traditional checkers, only on a smaller scale (5 pieces per player instead of 12).  Another way is to grab some Easter jelly beans and make them the checkers pieces!  You could also substitute different colored M&Ms, or really any candy you can think of that has different colors.  (You will need at least four colors, you’ll find out why later.)

Each player will pick two colors of Jelly Beans and place one color per team on the board.  Save the other color you have for when you become a crowned King.  I did this because you can’t really stack Jelly Beans all the well.  With the board being so small the game doesn’t last long at all, but it is so fun for the little ones!  It is also a great way to introduce a game of strategy at an early age.

We Really Enjoy This Game

Our family loves to play games together.  It is a great way to bond with your kids too.  To spice things up a bit I let my kids eat the Jelly Beans that they captured!

If you want an easy Easter Craft I know you’ll have fun making this one.  You’ll make memories with your kids and you never know, they could remember it far down the road.  If nothing else you’ll have a bonding activity.  What a great way to celebrate Easter, don’t you think?


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