52 Week Money Challenge

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Ever wish you had more savings but you just don’t know how to get there?  Ever wish there was a simple plan you could adapt into your current budget?  The 52 week money challenge may be just right for you!


You wish you could put away that $25 a month that people say is so easy to do.  But it isn’t quite that easy for you.  Do I really have $25 a month to put away?  For some people this might be really easy, but for others this might be a challenge.  What if we don’t make a whole lot of money?  What if we have debt to pay off?  Student loans? Mortgage?  What if we don’t have the income that we used to?  What about those that go through hard times and need to actually use their savings?  How to we build it back up?

Start small.  Do you have $1? Is there any way you can get $1?  Okay, go get that dollar.  Now look at it.  Admire it.  Feel grateful for it and…put it in a jar.  Don’t have a jar?  Find a box, a cup, a bowl, anything.  Now don’t touch it for one week!


After a week of feeling so grateful for that dollar, go back to that jar (or box or cup or bowl) and look at that dollar.  You just saved $1 for one whole week!  Pat yourself on the back.  Now do you have $2 not including that $1 that you saved?  Go get that $2.  Put it in the jar with the $1.  Feel grateful for that $3! Yes that’s right, $1 just turned into $3!  Leave it for a week.

Now, do you have $3?  Can you see the pattern starting?

That is how we have started our year savings plan.  Although it doesn’t seem like much, it can be for those that struggle to save.  If you put $1 aside and add to that dollar every week by the end of the year you have $1,378!  Does that seem so small now?

Because we are not very good at not touching money that is just laying around we decided to put it in a savings account.  It may seem silly to transfer that $1 in the beginning, but it is so rewarding to see that money there and watch it grow!  We are already a little over $136 (savings accounts collect interest!) and it feels good to have that if anything happens.
So if you struggle to save….save $1.  You don’t have to have a lot to start saving right away.  Just do what you can and go from there!
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  1. I know you published this a long time ago but I m just seek g it! I started this week and I know how my "resolve" is so I m going in reverse! You have really motivated me!! Thank you! Coming back for more fun ideas!

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