4th of July Practice Chart

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It can be hard to get students to practice over the summer. Giving them practice charts such as this 4th of July Practice Chart can help.
4th of July Practice Chart
Lessons have ended for the summer.  Right in time for some holiday celebrations!  To encourage my students to keep practicing over the summer break I made this Practice Chart and gave them some star stickers so that they could mark every day they practiced.  The chart has 50 stars on it and for every day they practice they get to put a star sticker over one of the stars on the chart!
You may want to give them a couple of these charts to practice over the summer.  If they practice 5 days a week over the summer they may need two charts.  If they are really motivated they may want to fill out the second chart as well by practicing more often.  If they don’t practice often but you have set a different goal they may only need one chart.  It is up to you what you wish to give to each student.
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