3 Places To Get Free Stuff Online

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Many people ask me how I get free stuff all the time.  In this blog post I will show you three places where I get free stuff online.

3 places to get free stuff online edit


I am always looking for something and what better way to get it then for free right?  Here are three places you can get free stuff online!

3 Places To Get Free Stuff Online

  1. Craigslist

    Since 2012 I have been using craigslist as a source to get free stuff.  First of all go to craigslist.org and you will see all of the states listed with cities listed underneath.  Click on your city or the city closest to you.  After that you will see “free” under the subheading “for sale”.  Click on the link that says “free”. Have fun browsing around and finding free stuff!

  2. Facebook Groups

    Many cities will have a group on Facebook where people give away free stuff.  Since 2014 I have been a part of 2 of these groups for my city.  As a result, I counted all my free stuff I had gotten off of Facebook and found most of my living room is full of free things I had gotten off of these groups!

    Go to Facebook.com and search for the keywords “friendly freebies”, “give”, “giveaway”, and “free” to join local Facebook groups.

  3. Free Cycle

    This is a newer strategy I have used to get free stuff.  It isn’t the best one for my area, but I will search areas around me or places closer to work to grab free stuff on my way home from work.

    To get free things using this method go to Freecycle.org and search your city and state.  If you are like me and don’t like the options of the city you live in, search cities around you for a wider variety of free things!

At times you will be going to other people’s houses on these cites.  Always exercise caution when doing this. When you are out, trust your inner voice. At any point if I don’t feel good about a find I won’t go.

Finally, remember to check back here to find my secret online strategy for getting stuff for free!

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