Happy Easter 2017: Easter Traditions

Happy Easter everyone!  Here’s your linkup for fun Easter traditions.  Maybe you can read some things and mark them to do next year.

Easter Traditions

We started some new traditions this year as well as kept some old.  Something that I was really happy we still did this year was cutting down our Easter Tree.  you can read about that tradition here.  There are so many ideas for Easter Trees out there!  This year we pulled branches from a different tree and I had yellow blossoms in my home!  I absolutely love it!

Here’s a list of traditions I started last year.

Easter Tree

Easter Egg String Craft

Watch Youtube Videos of Christ’s Life or go to the Easter Pageant

Gethsemane Rock Craft

Easter Books

Once you set Easter traditions in place it is easier to remember Jesus on Easter.  I love that The Friend Magazine gave us a page where we could learn the different names of Jesus.  We started the activity and it has been great for my son to remember the different names our Savior has.  It also was a great way for him to pay attention to the scriptures.

Breaking Unnecessary Traditions

Although Easter can be a great time of year for candy and the Easter Bunny and all of that, I am really glad we have focused on Christ.  We still went Easter Egg Hunting and to several Easter Activities throughout the month.  However we did it before Sunday so now we can focus on Christ.

Focusing on Christ is the best way to spend Easter Sunday.  Reading the many accounts of Jesus resurrection can spark interest in kids and adults of all ages.  If you have questions today is a good day to study and find your answers.  Let this be a day of Family, a day of Love, and a day of Christ!

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