Remodeling a Doll House: Removing Carpet

Remodeling a doll house can be an exciting adventure for you and your girl!  In this post I will show you how to easily remove old carpet from a doll house!

Remodeling a Doll House

I got this doll house and I knew it would be a project. This wasn’t a problem though since we love projects at my house.  This project has become an adventure for my girl and me that we will remember for years to come.   I wanted our lives to be more about experiences this year, so I gave my girl this doll house just as it is for her birthday. Now she is picking out what she wants in it and helping me remodel it to her taste.

Removing The Old Carpet

First of all we needed to remove the old carpet in the doll house.  I did this part on my own since I didn’t think my girl would be very interested in this part of remodeling the house.

It started out looking pretty dirty.  It also looked like it had been glued down and when I pulled up a corner I was sure it had been glued down.  There were two types of carpet to this doll house: felt and cotton fabric.  This part had cotton fabric.

Doll House Carpet Before edit

The first thing I did was grab some acetone.  I found this in fingernail polish remover in my home which contains acetone in it. You can purchase this from the 99 cent store for 99 cents or from any retail store for pretty cheap.

Doll House Acetone edit

I poured the acetone on the carpet and let it sit for a few minutes and as a result the carpet was easy to slowly pull off.


It looked a little rough after pulling up the carpet so I took an old towel and rubbed the remaining carpet off the floor.  It is important to do this while the acetone is still wet so that it is easier to rub off.

Doll House Removed Carpet Edit

Doll House Scrub edit


After rubbing the excess, the floor looks smoother and it is now ready for new carpet to go in!  This is the conclusion of this part of the project which means on to another part of remodeling.

Doll House Carpet removed edit

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5 Places To Go To Get Your Kids Free Stuff On Their Birthday

Do you want to celebrate your kid’s birthday without forking over all your savings? Here’s how they can get some free stuff for your kid’s birthday!

5 Places To Go To Get Your Kids Free Stuff

Sometimes money is tight but we still want to make those special moments count. I have found a few ways you can make your kid’s birthday special and get free stuff!  Who doesn’t like free stuff right?

5  Places To Go To Get Your Kids Free Stuff On Their Birthday

  1. iHop

    iHop gives you a free sundae on your birthday if you just walk in and say it is your birthday!  They will also sing you a happy birthday song too!  If you sign up for their Pancake Revolution club online a few weeks before your birthday you will also get a free meal on your birthday! The free meal coupon is sent through e-mail and you must take it in with you to claim your free meal or they will not honor the membership.

  2. Toys R Us

    Sign your kids up online for Geoffrey’s Birthday Club and they will get a free phone call from Geoffrey The Giraffe on their birthday. You will also get coupons in the mail for discounts at the store and if you walk into the store and let them know it’s your kid’s birthday they will give your kid a free crown and balloon!

  3. Bookman’s

    Sign up for Bookman’s Kids Club and get a $10 coupon to spend in the store! No other purchase is necessary which means you can walk out of there without spending any of your own money. When I took my kids for their birthday they got more than one item. They have books, toys, movies, and games at Bookman’s so there is plenty to pick from.  With Bookman’s reasonable prices you will easily be able to find a book and a toy for your kid’s birthday!

  4. The Old Spaghetti Factory

    Take your kids to their favorite spaghetti place and get a free meal for their birthday! All you have to do is sign up for the Old Spaghetti Factory Kids Birthday Club and you will get a coupon sent to your e-mail to print out and take in.  You will have to purchase a meal to go with it but your kid’s meal is free!

  5. Cold Stone Creamery

    We love ice cream at our house so having ice cream on our birthdays is a must! We love Cold Stone Creamery and it has become a little tradition to go there and get delicious ice cream on our birthdays. If you sign up for Coldstone’s eclub you get a buy one get one free coupon for your birthday. That’s two ice creams for the price of one!

I made this a special day for my kids where they got to have some one on one time with mom. Making life about experiences is what is important to me. They got to go to all these places for their birthday and they loved being sung to at iHop, getting their balloons and crowns, spending that $10 at Bookman’s on whatever they wanted and of course eating their favorite meal and ice cream afterwords.

The key to getting this free stuff is that you need to sign up in advance. With enough plan and preparation you can easily treat your kids on their birthday!

If you are running last minute I know the Old Spaghetti Factory sends the birthday coupon e-mail within 24 hours. That means if you sign up the day before you can still get your child a free meal on their birthday!

Most of these clubs stop when your kids are at the age of 12 or 13. The sooner you sign up the longer you can enjoy these memberships.