Reviewing The May 2016 Challenge

May 2016 Challenge

I took on the May 2016 challenge on top of my own goals for my blog.  Today I am looking back on the challenge to see where I ended up!

May 2016 Challenge

The May 2016 Challenge

My goal for May was have a blog post for each day!  This meant most times I had to write every single day.  Some days I would write ahead and some days I would just write for the day.  Writing every day became harder at the end because I started running out of things I wanted to write about.  That was probably the biggest challenge this month is knowing what to write about.

Another goal I had was to always write my Sunday post on a different day so I didn’t have to worry about writing on Sunday!  I did really well this month and didn’t write on Sunday at all.  I scheduled my posts to be published on that day but the last week I after and scheduled it on the day it was supposed to be posted.  I love how I am allowed to schedule things based on when I want it posted.

Some things I would change about writing is not necessarily making the goal to write every day but write about things that I truly think people need to read, take the time to edit the way I want and produce better quality posts.  This challenge was good for me because I know I can have a post for everyday, but that isn’t always the best thing to do.

I love how this got me writing.  If I hadn’t set goals I wouldn’t have written so much.  Each post is at least 300 words so over the course of the month I have started a short novel!

As far as blog posts go I got a little help from a friend.  The May 2016 Challenge that I was following was something a friend sent me.  It had topics to write about on certain days.  Although I didn’t follow that outline to a “T” I was able to keep writing at least some of the days because I had a guideline of things to write about.

I want to thank you all for reading!  My first month of Mama Lacy’s Lifestyle is now behind me and is something I would call a success! 🙂

Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day

Every Memorial Day is a day to remember that freedom comes with a price.  Their lives are forever changes so that we can live ours.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2016

Often times I live my day to day life in simplicity and bliss not thinking of all those people who fought for our freedom.  On days like Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day I am reminded that my simple life came at a cost.

We easily forget the Civil War, World War I and World War II.  We easily forget Pearl Harbor Day and 9/11 when our country has been attacked.  We forget all the times we have had to stand up and fight, and also who stood up and fought.

I honor and respect the father, mother, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandpa, and grandma that have served in the military.  I honor and respect those that have passed on in order for us to have freedom.  I also honor and respect those that haven’t passed on, but have been permanently changed because they fought for our freedom.  Some have given their lives in other ways then dying.   Some have lost limbs and some can’t walk anymore.  Some are alive, but struggle with PTSD.  I want to remember these people today as well as those that have passed on.

For all those fighting for freedom, their minds are changed forever.  They see things we never have to see.  They have to live with nightmares we never have to dream of.  There is a high cost, emotionally, mentally, and physically when someone steps out and fights for our freedom.  It isn’t only them that have to deal with it either, but also their families.  It can affect generations.

I want us all to take a moment and be grateful for all of these wonderful people that have given ALL.  It is mental health awareness month and also Memorial Day.  I don’t think its a coincidence that they fall in the same month.

For all those that have been permanently changed whether psychically, mentally, or emotionally I salute you.  I am grateful for you and all that you gave and all that you are and that you gave me the wonderful gift of freedom.  For every nightmare, every heartache, every physical ailment, I am grateful that you sacrificed.  Thank you.

While you are sitting by your pool or having your barbecue, I challenge everyone to say a prayer today.  Say a prayer for all those still fighting and that have fought. Say a prayer of thanks and also a blessing for them for giving such a sacrifice.  Let’s all remember that freedom comes at a cost.

Happy Memorial day to you!  Freedom is not really free….