Easter Day 4 – 2016

We are not certain what happened on Easter day 4. Its a day we can’t exactly get enough information on.

You can read more about it here.

I like to think of Easter day 4 as a day of contemplation.

 I imagine the Savior did the same. This is a good day to go to an event that reminds you of the Savior or to do something that reminds you of his life.  Maybe watch a Youtube video on his life and who he was; maybe even his birth.  Here is the full video of the Life of Christ.

For me I went to the Easter Pageant the night before. It is a great celebration of the Savior and his life.  I am so happy and grateful I got to go this year!

The Easter Pageant is on the Mesa Temple Grounds and it is so nice to see all the beauty there.  If you want more information on it or when it is running simply go to lds.org.
So today is a day of reflection for me.  I love learning about the Savior and all that He has done!