Mini Celestial Beings

Celestial Beings

I was shopping at the store the other day just your normal shopping trip.  I was picking up milk, soap, and a few other things for the family.  As I was shopping I noticed a baby.  Not an unusual baby, just a baby, completely asleep on, who I assume to be her father’s, shoulder.  I smiled, said “Oh how cute” to the said father and kept walking.  As I was walking away, something hit me.  I had just seen a celestial being!

You see, earlier this year I had prayed that God would soften my heart.  That somehow I could put away what bitterness had crept in.  And there, right in front of my face, was my answer.  As I kept walking, I heard a baby cry…another celestial being.  Then I heard a small child talking…another celestial being.  Before I knew it I kept hearing them as if amplified all over the store.  The crying, the talking, the laughing, the….loving.  And my heart was full because I was completely surrounded!  I was surrounded by these wonderful, beautiful, joyous, loud, scared, celestial beings!

These beautiful children were everywhere, which reminded me that God is everywhere. He is celestial, yet He is everywhere, in each one of us.

He is….love.

Yes love. God is celestial and He is love.
Many of you know what I’m talking about when you see these amazing little beings running around illuminating love. They breathe it. They live it. Their purity radiates from their tiny little mortal bodies for one sole purpose. To teach us. To teach us how to be love.
Over time their innocence wears off, some sooner than others because of life’s tragedies and experiences. And the love fades slightly because they experience something not so pleasant here on earth. You see we all come from that perfect state, surrounded by love and joy and the best teacher for us, who knows us and what is best for us, to this mortal world where there are imperfect people trying to teach, people that have let Satan take hold and fill their hearts with hate, and this mortal body on top of that which experiences something we weren’t quite familiar with before. Physical pain. So the love wears off, but always a light is in us, a spark, a flicker, and in some the fire has never gone out.
But God is Love. And He has perfected it, and He will never have the light go out in Himself because He has become the very light that we seek.
He is Forgiving
You see if you study frequencies and what light is and what heat is you realize that it is much easier to create heat than it is to create light.  But God is light and love. He does not fight against us, He does not hold a grudge. If we go to Him, He is happy to help, ready to be there, and forgives. He forgives, and forgives, and forgives. He is light.
The heat that we create when we are upset, angry, or even uneasy with someone else is a good indicator of where we are.  You have seen arguments that get “heated” and someone blows up or slams the door or hurts someone else emotionally or physically.  In that regard they are not being light. They are being heat and heat can sometimes burn.
But you have also seen light. You wake up to the sun rising everyday. You know that nothing can live without the sun because it sustains life to every organism on this earth.  You see the tree growing out your window everyday. And those things are all the product of light.
Now what does this have to do with forgiveness? We cannot create light if we are stuck being heat. We cannot create good if we are focused on the bad. We cannot move forward if we are looking behind us; we trip and get stuck there in the same place.  Over, and over, and over.
God is forgiveness. I know for many it is hard to forgive. But think of how hard it is for Him! He is perfect, and yet He only has imperfect people to work with! He sees us hurt each other every…single…day. Yet he still forgives us in our mortal state. What a wonderful thing forgiveness is because after we forgive we can more fully love.
He is Obedient
God must follow certain laws or he ceases to be God. It’s as simple as that. If He were dishonest, He wouldn’t be God. If He were hateful, He wouldn’t be God. If He were unjust, He wouldn’t be God. But He is all those things so He is God.
Now let’s look at these beautiful little celestial gods running around, because that’s what they are until we taint them.
They are Love
They Forgive
They Obey 

There comes a certain point for each individual where some of this stops, but in each of us, we are celestial. At least we started out that way. Let us never forget that we are all surrounded by beautiful celestial beings. And they will teach us, if we will let them.

Easter 2014

I know that the Easter Bunny is a big thing in the United States.  People have day parties and talk about how the Easter Bunny is going to come and leave chocolate and goodies; maybe even toys!  But I have decided that the true meaning of Easter, just like the true meaning of Christmas, is what I want to focus on.

It is Easter!  He is Risen! (Matt. 28; John 20-21)

This is a great day!   I am so happy and grateful for my Savior and that He was able to do what we all can’t.  I know he rose from the dead and that He lives!

We have had a good week finding out what happened on each day.  It is so rewarding studying and pondering and really taking in every event.  The scriptures have really come alive for me this year and I am grateful for that.  On Easter sometimes we focus on the Easter Bunny instead of Christ, but this week I have been able to focus on Christ more because believe it or not, blogging about it made me think about it more.  Imagine that!
Something I love to do on the day of Easter is watching videos of the life of Christ.  You may like to watch one as well today.  Just plug in your computer and copy this link in your browser to watch this video.   Hey good family time right?
When you are done see if your kids were able to identify each day and what happened.  You can even quiz yourself.  If you don’t know what happened then read each post that I posted this week and then watch the video.  And hey, you might find something new I didn’t even talk about!  If you do don’t be afraid to let me know!  I love learning just like you!