A Blessing in Disguise

Yesterday I was not in the best mood, but decided to go check on a job I had applied for.  So I put on my best clothes and headed to the bank.  I pulled up the bank on my GPS because I had no idea where it was, I just knew it was in town somewhere.  And off I went.

A typical thing happened to me while I was driving with my GPS.  My GPS said I had reached the destination but I was still in the middle of the road driving straight.  I figured that it didn’t have the right location because this area is new and I continued driving into town towards the grocery stores where I knew there were plenty of businesses.  After realizing that I probably wasn’t going to find the place I was looking for I decided to back track and see if I could find the bank closer to the place where my GPS said I had reached my destination.  So I turned around.  And there she was.

A tiny old lady with long white hair, carrying a sack of books, was standing on the curb. She pointed to herself and then pointed to the road and I motioned her to come closer.  I knew everything I was taught went against doing what I was about to do, especially when I was alone in the car.  As I rolled down my window she asked “Can I have ride?” and in that split second I said “Sure!” and she went to grab her books.  All I was thinking is “Crap!  What did I just do?  I don’t even know where she is going!  My husband is going to be so mad at me when he finds out!” but I opened the door for her and she managed to get in the car, with all of her books.

I found out where she was going, which was a little subdivision across the tracks.  I had no idea where I was going, but kept driving anyway.  She talked to me the whole time.  She told me about how her son lived somewhere else and she didn’t have a job. She told me she cleaned houses and was paid whatever they would give her so that she could make ends meet. She told me she didn’t have a car and her back was bad but she had walked into town to pick up a few things anyway.  And we just kept talking…

While she was talking to me I noticed the houses on that side of town.  I hadn’t spent much time over there.  Some where huge, but most weren’t.  When we finally reached the subdivision that she lived in, I noticed how small everything looked.  It looked clean and nice, not shabby at all, but moderate and cozy, unlike the two story homes I’m used to seeing on the other side of town.

She graciously thanked me and offered some water and asked if I could go inside.  I didn’t want to push my luck, so I kindly declined.  I actually ended up thanking her for letting me give her a ride and she said “Oh, you are a sweet girl”.  I hadn’t heard that in a long time.  Since I lived in Clifton.

I watched her walk in for a second and then I continued on my way.  I didn’t know where I was, but something guided me and I found a familiar street and went back the way I came.

While driving all I could think was “What if I had just found the bank and not had this opportunity? What if I had told her no?”  and I kept asking myself questions like that.  I had been in such a bad mood that morning, but she had saved my day.  She left my cup full.

I did end up finding the bank and walked in to check on my resume and then went back home to the daily routine.  When my husband asked me later what I had done that morning, I told him the story about the lady, and surprisingly, he didn’t get mad.  He just nodded his head once or twice.

I rarely do that sort of thing right out of the blue, and I have always been taught to be as careful as I can.  But yesterday my heart was touched by an angel and I’m grateful she was there, standing on the curb, waiting for a ride.

Family Home Evening Theme

Family Home Evening Theme
Have you ever wondered if you should a Family Home Evening Theme?  Here is a simple theme that will help you keep on track with Family Home Evening!
Family Home Evening Theme

As a family we decided that we should do a theme for May- October of this year.  Because we are always reminded to review conference, we decided that our theme would be the April 2012 General Conference.  Every week, whoever has the lesson will pick a conference talk from April and we watch that talk over again.  Each person might get something different out of the talk, so we review what we think about the talk after it is over.  This has made Family Home Evening easier to plan with a little one.  Do you have any themes that has made it easier to plan Family Home Evenings?