Meditation Before Practicing

Have you ever tried meditation before practicing?  I have learned how to meditate from a class  thought I could apply it to clear my mind before I practiced. It worked marvelously!  I was able to focus more during practice and I was more relaxed and at ease playing the piano.  I’ve been wondering at how young an age I could introduce this concept to my students, so if you have any comments on it feel free.  I believe everyone can benefit from even 5 minutes a day.

The most important thing is to relax.

You do not have to sit in the crossed legged position, you only need to be in a position that is comfortable to you.  Sometimes I meditate while sitting in a chair, with my feet flat on the ground and my hands on my thighs.  Find a position that is comfortable for you.  Start with just 5 minutes and set a timer. If you don’t you might be tempted to open your eyes and check the clock!
Because it is Thanksgiving soon I am meditating on all the things I am grateful for.  I find it really refreshing and it puts me in a good mood. 🙂 What better way to start off your practicing than by putting yourself in the right mood for it!