Circle Of Fifths Caterpillars

Circle of Fifths
Learning the circle of fifths can be a challenge sometimes but when you have this chart, remembering will be a breeze. Here is a circle of fifths chart I came up with to help.
Circle of Fifths Major Keys

How I Came Up With The Caterpillar Chart

For a while I was trying to think of an easy way that my students can learn the circle of fifths.  If you don’t know what the circle of fifths is and you are interested in learning it, you can go here.  A music teacher may be able to teach you in a simplified way if you have any questions about it.  One you understand it knowing a saying or rhyme can make all the difference in memorizing it.  That’s why I came up with this chart for the circle of fifths.  Its really easy to remember. Caterpillars Go Down And Eat Big Fuzzy Clovers.  Then start again on B and say it again Caterpillars Go Down And Eat Big Fuzzy Clovers.  This introduced enharmonic keys, which I like because it shows the student which ones are the same.  The Caterpillars are different colors.  The red one being the sharp side, the blue one the flat side, and the green one the enharmonic caterpillar!  On the blank sheet they can see a visual and it is easy to test what they know.  Then eventually they can draw their own circle of fifths!

Here is the Circle of Fifths Caterpillar Chart for Minor Keys.  The words are the same only in a different order to make a different saying.

Circle of Fifths Minor Keys

Minor Key Chart

Because this is just the same phrase in a different order it is easy to remember!  Drawing it is fairly easy because it is just the same as the Major Key Chart only starting on a different letter.  Instead of  C being at the top you start with a on top and once all the way through start with a again.  C represents C Major and a represents a minor and once you get it down it becomes second nature.