10 Pioneer Crafts For All Ages

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Explore some 5 minute Pioneer Crafts while teaching your kids about the Pioneers!  Do these crafts with the whole family to celebrate Pioneer Day!

Pioneer Crafts

Have you been wondering what to do for Pioneer Day or how to get your kids excited for it?  With Pioneer Day just around the corner, these fun crafts will get you geared up and ready to go!

10 Pioneer Crafts For All Ages

  1. Spinning Buttons or DIY Twirly Whirly Toy

    – Have fun making this 5 minute craft!  Good for ages 4+.  Requires buttons you may want to keep away from babies.

  2. Tic Tac Toe in a Bag

    – Tic Tac Toe in a bag!  This is great for taking a game around your kids can play.  Great for all ages!

  3. Pioneer Yarn Doll

    – An easy doll you can make at home.  You only need yarn no sewing necessary!  Just follow in the instructions.  You can easily make this in 15 minutes or less!

  4. Rag Doll

    – Again no sewing required!  Have some extra scraps of fabric laying around? This is the time to use them!  Cut or rip into strips and follow the instructions to make a Pioneer Doll without having to sew!

  5. Pioneer Handcart

    – This is a paper craft with instructions you can put together with your kids. Ages 5+ with guidance.

  6. Press Flowers

    – This is an easy craft that even your toddler can do!

  7. Pioneer Handkerchief Dolls

    – This craft requires a little bit of sewing.  If you have been wanting to learn how to sew consider starting with this craft!  You could make a family heirloom for generations!

  8. Mini Quilt

    – Want to teach your kids how to make a quilt?  Consider making a mini quilt for practice!  This is great for teaching kids how to sew!  Don’t want to sew?  Get some fleece, cut the corners and make a tie quilt with your family!

  9. Dipped Candles

    – This craft requires planning. You may need to purchase specific ingredients. Great craft for teaching kids how candles use to be made!  They can even make their own!

  10. Lye Free Soap

    This is a quick and easy way to make soap that will be safe around your kids.  No need to worry about mixing chemicals together!  Great craft for making soap molds you could give to your neighbor!


With Pioneer Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start these Pioneer Crafts with your kids!  Some may even open up ways for you to teach them about the Pioneers! How will you teach your kids about Pioneer Day?

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