Mother’s Day Sale

I love the styles at! Better yet, I love the price! For Mother's Day you can get a pair of classes 50% off! Code ends 5/14/2017.

I love the styles at!  Better yet, I love the price!
50% off all Women’s Frames for Mother's Day Sale At Use Code MOM50 EXP 5/14/2017

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What To Expect From

  • Amazing Deals
  • All kinds of styles from Cat-Eye to Full Frames
  • Glasses for Men, Women, and Children

*Bonus- You can purchase prescription sunglasses!  (A prescription is not needed to purchase though.)

My Experience With

I was utterly poor at the time, a single mom, and really needed a way to get my glasses at a decent price.  I came across and couldn’t believe all the coupon offers and special deals there were!  Believe it or not, I actually got my first pair free!  All I had to do was pay for shipping.

When ordering, I knew I needed a pair I would feel comfortable wearing every day.  I also wanted something that could match each outfit.  I decided to try something different than my typical red frames and I went with clear frames instead.  It was the best decision I have made, as far as glasses go.  I get so many compliments and there are so many people that ask me where I get my glasses!


I keep going back to their website because there’s always a deal going on.  Whether you need prescription frames or not you can get them at a really good price.   With these great deals you won’t feel like you are wasting your money.

Mother’s Day Sale

Right now is having a Mother’s Day Sale!  When you order you get 50% off women’s frames.  All you have to do is type in the code MOM50 at checkout.  You could buy the glasses I am wearing for $14.97!  (They’re the Steven-Clear plastic frame.)


50% off all Women’s Frames for Mother's Day Sale At Use Code MOM50 EXP 5/14/2017

Click on the picture to go to

Do You Have More Than One Pair?

Purchasing more than one pair of glasses is always a good idea.  Especially if you have kids!  There are so many reasons to have more than one pair, some being:

  • In case you misplace them.
  • If your toddler snatches them from your face then thinks it is funny to break them in half (yes, this really happens)
  • In case of an emergency (car accident, lose them on vacation, etc.)

Now is the perfect time to order more than one pair.  Especially for you moms! Raising kids is tough but knowing you have more than one set of glasses can be really comforting.  They are definitely cheaper than contacts and last longer.  I know I love mine and you’ll love yours too!

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50% off all Women’s Frames for Mother's Day Sale At Use Code MOM50 EXP 5/14/2017

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5 Amazing Swim Dresses To Try Right Now

Is modesty your thing? It's mine too! Believe it or not I never heard of swim dresses until this year! I sure was missing out. Don't you miss out too!

Is modesty your thing? It’s mine too!  Believe it or not I never heard of swim dresses until this year!  I sure was missing out.  Don’t you miss out too!

 5 Amazing Swim Dresses from ModLi

Pregnant Swim Dress Options

This dress is great for you Pregnant Wonders!  This piece offers great coverage and also comes in a set so you don’t have to worry about using the restroom.  I know when I was pregnant it was always difficult finding a swimsuit I was comfortable in. This dress would have been a life saver for me!

Three Piece Pink & Grey Swim Set

I love the colors on this dress.  If you want a sporty yet feminine look this dress is a fantastic option!  It comes in a nice Azure color as well if you aren’t totally into the pink idea.

Swim Dress With Belt & Turban Hat

This swim dress comes right down to the knee.  Instead of the longer legging look,  you can wear bikini bottoms underneath.  I love the turban option too! It is definitely a bonus to protect yourself from the sun.  You don’t even have to worry about your hat getting wet!

4 Piece Extra Long Swim Set

If you are more into a patterned look for your swim dresses, then this is the swim dress for you.  It has a beautiful layout of stripes with gorgeous orange and yellow flowers.  It is also a longer dress which might add to your comfort if you want more coverage.  The bright pattern makes your eyes pop a little, doesn’t it?

Plus Size Sleeveless Colorblock Swim & Tennis Dress

There’s no need to worry, there are plus size dresses too!  This sleeveless swim dress is bright and comfortable.  You can wear this in addition to any swimwear or simply wear this on its own.  The great thing is you can wear this for tennis matches as well!

Don’t Worry There’s More!

Whether you are pregnant, not pregnant, plus size, or not plus size, there is a swim dress out there for you!

Click here for more swim dress options!  There are so many to choose from!

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